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About Aerolux

With Usha Aerolux, we turn the art of fan making into the highest form of craftsmanship, augmenting aesthetics with advanced technology. Inspired from the incredible world around us we endeavor to create a new breed of energy efficient and environment friendly Air Circulators.

Be they the design inspired from exquisite flower patterns or the minimalistic beauty of two blades, our Air circulators stand out with their grandeur and elegance. Even our technology is inspired by the creativity of possibilities – the intricate Sun and Planets gearbox mechanism that allows a Pedastal fan to oscillate 360 or the fine mist emitted to keep your skin hydrated and supple. We call this perfect blend of aesthetics and technology – Luxury Engineered.

A leading name in fans, Usha brings you yet another unique experience when it comes to the art of circulating air. Fashioned around the needs of the new-age consumer who believes in a higher quality of life, Usha Aerolux is designed with you in mind.

Technology with bldc motor

The motor is to electric machine what the ceiling fan is to a room – its heart. Typically driven by AC induction motors where the motor is powered purely by electromagnetic induction created by the stator, Aerolux fans run on the next-gen Brushless DC or BLDC motor. A BLDC motor leverages the power of permanent magnets to generate torque in the rotor along with intelligent control of the electromagnetic field by using state-of-the-art power electronics. This makes the motor hyper efficient, thereby consuming 50% less power than its typical AC counterpart while providing high fidelity control on speed. Aerolux has advanced technology BLDC motor in its heart, delivering style, comfort and control efficiently.

  • Size

    The compact size of the BLDC motor allows for a sleek and stylish look that enhances the fan’s aesthetics and appeal.

  • Whisper-quiet operation

    In comparison to any typical ceiling fan, a BLDC motor reduces ambient noise and enhances the experience whenever it is placed.

  • Efficiency and Reliability

    The powerful permanent magnets combined with the ideally controlled electromagnetic field by state-of-the-art power electronics enables Aerolux’s BLDC motor to deliver more torque than any conventional AC motor. A hyper efficient motor that consumes 50% less power than an AC motor, the BLDC keeps its circuits cool by ensuring minimal heat generation thereby drastically extending its life and reliability.

  • Speed Control

    The BLDC motor with power electronic technology facilitates continuos speed control with no compromise or performance. Furthermore, as a motor runs on DC current, the output air delivery its fairly independent of voltage fluctuations unlike those dependent on AC current, ensuring consistent performance.

  • Enviroment-Friendly

    In the past few years, we have become increasingly aware of the need to lower our energy consumption. The smart way to reduce energy is to first look at devices that expend the most, for example, a standard ceiling fan uses 50W to 70W of power whereas the BLDC equipped fan uses as low as 28W it saves power and your electricity bill, thus it is less negatively impactful towards the environment.

Bi-Directional Rotation

In conventional mode fan blades provide a downward flow of air. When the direction is reversed the blades draw air upwards, creating a calming air circulation in your room without the feel of a pierce thrust of air on your person. You can also use the Bi-directional Rotation Mode to effectively circulate air while using your Air-Conditioner or Room Heater. This will not only help you too cool or heat the room quickly but will also save you on electricity bills

Cooling: Using your Ceiling Fan with your AC

Cool Air from Air Conditioners always settles first at the bottom of the room. As being dense cool air naturally moves downwards. It takes time for the air to evenly cool the room, leading your AC to work harder and consume more energy. As the AC thermostat only reads the overall ambient temperature making your AC work longer. Switching on a Fan in the clockwise direction pulls the cool air upwards from the bottom of the room. Thereafter the fan’s air circulation distributes the coolness evenly in the room.

Heating: Using your fan with a room heater

Similarly for better heating during winters use your fan at: low speeds along with your Room Heater. Warm Air from Room heaters will always first rise towards the ceiling. Being light, warm, air naturally more upwards. It will take time for the warm air to move downwards to you, leading your heater to work harder, consuming more electricity. Switching on a Fan in the anti-clockwise direction will thrust the warm air down towards you and thereafter the fans air circulation will evenly distribute the warm air the room.

Electrostatic Mist generator

Air conditioners have become an inevitable part of our daily life, however only some are aware of the harmful effects of air-conditioned air. Ideally, indoor humidity levels should relatively compare to 50% above an otherwise dry air-conditioned room. Dry air not only causes irritation to one’s eyes, nose and throat but also has an adverse effect on skin and overall well-being. It has been found that good humidity levels in the air inhibit the spread of viruses and bacteria, drastically cutting down the chances of catching an infection. At the same time cool, dry air saps moisture from the skin, causing all kinds of problems like dryness, dullness, flaking and accelerated ageing. Mist enhances the removal of suspended dust in the air thereby enhancing air quality. The Electrostatic Mist Generator delivers fine water drops through ultrasonic vibrations and then release them back into the air to increase humidity levels.


Giver the number of ailments caused by pollutants suspended in the air, concern regarding its solution is rising. The air we breathe contains airborne allergens and germs that negatively affect our well-being, particularly to our respiratory system. Air pollutants cause a variety of health problems, especially to infants and the elderly or those with pre-existing ailments. The need of the hour is improved air quality and a means to eliminate the many potentially threatening pollutants in the air.

Ionizers work on the principle of neutralisation. They produce negatively charged ions and clear the air of the airborne allergens and bacteria. These negatively charged ions discharge the positively charged pollutants (dust, pollen, cigarette, smoke and even vaporised substances), thus enhancing the air quality by making it free of harmful suspended particles. Additionally, ionizers accelerate odour removal. Individuals suffering from respiratory problems have found relief by using ionizers. It is believed that they assist in enhancing positive mood, instill a feeling of freshness and improve mental alertness thus bringing you closer to nature.

Breeze Mode

The Breeze we enjoy in natural environs is relaxing because it is undulating in nature. Wind mode mimics natural breeze by smoothly altering the blade speed creating a unique and calming environment for your relaxation. Aerolux Air Circulates offers variables wind modes to choose to choose from to get the perfect breeze, you desire. Ceiling Air Regulators features up to three variable modes, whereas, Standing Fans are equipped with four variable wind modes.

The Natural Wind mode fluctuate the pattern of air flow to simulate a gentle breeze, to give you a feeling of sitting outdoors.

The special Sleep Mode has pre-defined air flow cycle which delivers comfortable air flow in your bedroom, even if conditions change overnight. After you fall asleep, your body’s metabolic rate decreases and thus the required amount of air flow also decrease. Thus the initial wind flow setting disturbs your sleep cycle. It also reduces the electricity consumed. Thus operating on Sleep Mode takes care of good night’s sleep whist saving electricity.

The Silent Wind Mode allows you to use the fan at whisper-quiet operation while ensuring optimum circulation.

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